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Omnitronic XPA-1000 PA amplifier RMS power per channel (at 4 Ohm): 500 W

You need reliable amplifier and want to spend a fortune for this? The new xpa series from Omnitronic Altbewahrtes combined with innovative technology and offers high performance at an affordable price. Rely on the tried and tested Class A/B or H-switching of this power amps: it provides for a distortion-free and efficient amplification of the...View more

Omnitronic AS-01 Pop filter

For studio and live applications.View more

Omnitronic DB-100B 1-channel 19 volume display

Level display for audio signals · Three-colored LED display with 40 LEDs per channel · Display mode can be switched (point or bar display) · Sensitivity control per channel · Display range: -57dB to 0 dB · Power supply via the mains unit · Rack installation, 1 HEThis text is machine translated.View more

Omnitronic FPS-5 PA wall speaker 10 W White 1 pc(s)

Extremely flat ELA wall speaker · 2-way system with 13 cm neodymium mid-woofer (5″) and 3 cm tweeter (1.25″) · Suitable for 100 V or 4 Ohm operation · White plastic housing with integrated wall bracket · Extremely flat design for wall mounting · Spring terminals · For background sound indoorsThis text is machine translated.View more

Omnitronic Gnome E-202 2-channel DJ mixer

Extremely light-weight and compact DJ mixer.This text is machine translated.View more

Omnitronic HS-1100 Headset Speech microphone Transfer type:Corded incl. pop filter

Lightweight, skin-colored headband microphone · Only 10 g weight for optimum wearing comfort · With adjustable microphone arm for exact positioning of the microphone capsule · Adjustable cable strain relief for concealed cable routing · For high-quality voice pickup for applications that require hands-free use, such as Aerobics or percussion instruments · Connection to the...View more

Omnitronic HS-50 PA compression drive speaker 30 W White 1 pc(s)

For sound systems in outer areas like for example: sports area, swimming pool, Open Air meetingsView more

Omnitronic Megaphone + strap, + microphone

Make yourself heard! · Powerful 25w megaphone with siren · Plug-in hand-held microphone on the spiral cable · Switchable Siren · -Continuous volume control · Pistol grip and shoulder straps · Because of high-quality plastic housing (ABS) impact and scratch-resistant · For 8 x 1.5 V baby batteries (type C) (not included) · Socket for...View more

Omnitronic MP-120 PA amplifier 120 W

This mixer-amplifier allows optimum sound adjustment of PA loudspeakers.View more

Omnitronic MP-120P PA amplifier 120 W

Connection for 70 V or 100 V ELA speakers or for low-resistance speakers (4-16 Ω); MP3 player with IR remote controls and blue backlit LCD display; SD card slot and USB port; ; This text is machine translated.View more