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Magnat SBW 250 Soundbar Black Bluetooth

The Soundbar/subwoofer combination SBW 250 delivers full and dynamic home-theater sound of two components. In the soundbar plug two high-quality stereo two-way systems with two tweeters and four mid-range speakers from a four-channel power amplifiers with separate amplifier for high and low-mid range with digital filtering. For the foundation is the powerful subwoofer with 20...View more

Magnat SBW 200 Soundbar Black Bluetooth, incl. cordless subwoofer, USB, Wall brackets

Fully active home theater soundbar with wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth streamingThe Magnat Soundbar SBW 200 compliments easily every TV-device for high-performance home theater. The high-performance speakers make films and music to experience and the wirelessly-connected subwoofer can be placed there, where he is positioned without the annoying cable pull acoustically perfect. With analogue and digital...View more